Scheduled maintenance

The recommended service cycle for the DeltaQuad UAV is 200 flights or 6 months, which ever comes first. Beyond this point the vehicle can fly less efficient and there could be a potential risk of failure. Using the Vertical Technologies Extended Maintenance Service you can extend the lifetime of your vehicle and maintain your warranty.

Vehicles flown beyond the recommended maintenance cycles void their warranty.

Extended Maintenance Service

With the Extended Maintenance Service you can send back your vehicle and we will completely refurbish it. It will be returned as good as new. If the vehicle was damaged beyond repair it can be completely replaced. We offer this service free of any obligation and for a fixed fee. All replaced components are provided with a new warranty.

There are 3 types of extended maintenance requests:

Custom repair Basic tuneup Complete refresh
Software upgrade
Recalibration of sensors
Full inspection and test flight
New propellers
New motors
New speed controllers
New BECs
New servos
New connectors
New board computers
New power module
New wiring
Recommended after Crash or damage 200 flights or 6 months 600 flight or 12 months

For all extended maintenance packages the following rules apply:

  • You must send the vehicle to us, if required a price can be quoted for a pickup service.
  • You may NOT ship the LiPo battery to us, most postal services do not allow shipping of a DeltaQuad LiPo.

Self Service

Maintenance packages are available on request. Performing Self Service Maintenance does not extend your warranty. A high technical level is required to perform scheduled maintenance.

If you would like to acquire a maintenance package please contact Vertical Technologies Support.

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