Vehicle specifications



235 cm


90 cm


17 cm

Wing area

90 sq. dm.

Payload bay

20 x 12 x 9 cm

Flightcase dimensions

122 x 45 x 51 cm

Flightcase weight

~ 25 Kg including vehicle

Weight and Payload:

Empty weight

3.3 Kg

Empty weight including battery

5 Kg

Maximum takeoff weight

6.2 Kg

Payload capacity

1.2 Kg

Flight Characteristics at no payload:

Cruise speed

18 m/s (65 Km/h)

Maximum speed

28 m/s (100 Km/h)

Stall speed

12 m/s (43 Km/h)

Maximum flight time*

2+ hours

Range through air*

120 km

Flight Characteristics at max payload:

Cruise speed

16 m/s (60 Km/h)

Maximum speed

25 m/s (90 Km/h)

Stall speed

13 m/s (47 Km/h)

Maximum flight time*

1 hour 50 minutes

Range through air*

100 km

Flight Characteristics with Auxiliary LiPo:

Payload capacity

400 g

Maximum flight time*

2 hour 45 minutes

Range through air*

150 km


Battery type


Battery cells


Battery capacity



Maximum takeoff/landing wind **

9 m/s (33 Km/h)

Maximum wind cruise flight **

14 m/s (50Km/h)

Maximum precipitation

Light Rain

Operating temperature

Between -20 and +45 Celsius

Maximum flight altitude AMSL

13.000ft (4000m)

All flight characteristics are based on optimized settings at sea level

* These values assume 90% battery usage, low wind conditions and include a low altitude vertical takeoff and landing at sea level. EU Export versions are locked to 59 minutes flight time.

** These values are based on measurements at flight altitude

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