Safety features

This section covers the flight controller's safety features. To access the safety features configuration screen you will need to switch the vehicle on and establish a connection between the Ground Control Station and the vehicle.

Modifying the safety features

To modify parameters select the settings icon from QGroundControl and then select the Safety tab.

Safety features

Low Battery Failsafe Trigger

Default: Land Default warn level: 15% Default failsafe level: 7%

This parameter defines what the vehicle does when reaching low battery levels. Warn level: the percentage where the vehicle will give a visible and audible warning to the Ground Control Station Failure level: The level at which the vehicle initiates the battery failsafe action.

RC Loss Failsafe trigger

Default: Disabled

The DeltaQuad does not come with a traditional radio remote control. If such a transmitter/receiver is added this setting defines the behavior when the signal from this transmitter is lost.

Default: Disabled Default timeout: 10s

This controls the behavior of the vehicle when the telemetry link is lost. When flying fully autonomous missions where loss of telemetry is allowed or expected, this parameter should be set to Disabled. Some local laws require this value to be set to "Return to Land"

Geofence Failsafe Trigger

Default action: Warning Default max radius: Disabled Default max altitude: Disabled

The geofence failsafe trigger can be set to limit the vehicles radius and/or altitude. When settings these parameters the vehicle will perform the defined action upon breaching any of these.

Return Home Settings

Default climb: 60m Default home action: Land immediately

The DeltaQuad can perform an autonomous Return To Launch (RTL) when instructed from the Ground Control Station, when instructed from a mission, or when triggered by a failsafe event. If the vehicle is in Fixed Wing mode when the event is triggered it will return home in fixed wing mode and land in quadcopter mode. When the vehicle is in quadcopter mode when the event triggers it will return home and land in quadcopter mode.

These settings define how the vehicle behaves when it engages the Return to Launch / Return Home function. The Climb altitude is the minimum altitude relative to home the vehicle will maintain for its return path. If the vehicle is higher at the point where this RTL is triggered it will maintain that altitude to return. As of firmware DQRC12F the vehicle will descend to the indicated RTL altitude as fixed wing by circling down before transitioning to quadcopter mode.

Land Mode Settings

Default Descent Rate: 1m/s Disarm after: 5s

This controls the landing behavior. The descend rate should not be increased above 1.5m/s and not above 0.8m/s when flying in windy conditions. At higher descent rates the vehicle could become unstable during landing. When such instability occurs the vehicle will correct itself by applying a lower descend rate and the indicated descend rate might not be achieved.

The disarm time is the time the vehicle waits before disarming (stopping the motors) after it has detected a landing. The value should not be set lower then 5 seconds.