The DeltaQuad Pro is equipped with DSPS. Currently DSPS is in public Beta and not all features have been activated.

DSPS features

Currently DSPS performs the following features:

  • Verify mission feasibility based on current weather conditions (or based on zero wind conditions when no internet connection is available), and current battery capacity. The battery capacity is determined by the current charge state and the parameter BAT_CAPACITY. You can change this value as described in the Key Parameters section. Always make sure your battery capacity matches your total capacity.

  • Verify mission and parameter sanity

  • Monitor system temperature

  • Monitor permissible weather conditions (if available)

Accessing the DSPS control panel

When your vehicle has been equipped with 4G VPN you will have access to the DSPS web interface when the vehicle is connected. The URL to access your DSPS web interface will have been provided to you with your ZeroTier account settings.

From here you can alter the video settings, DSPS settings and view your vehicles location from the Live view screen.

Modifying DSPS settings without 4G connectivity

If your vehicle is not equipped with 4G telemetry the settings for DSPS can only be modified by attaching an HDMI monitor and keyboard to the DSPS board computer. The login credentials will have been provided to you via e-mail. To modify the settings of DSPS you will need to alter the following file: /etc/dsps/dsps.conf. To alter this file you can can type:

$ sudo nano /etc/dsps/dsps.conf

The file will contain all DSPS and DSPS video settings. After modifying the file you can save your changes and exit the editor by typing CTRL-X, then answering Y to save and hit enter on the filename.

At your next reboot your settings should be applied.