Preventative maintenance
To keep your DeltaQuad in proper condition the following steps should be taken:

After every flight

  • Clean the propellers of any dirt and inspect for damage.
  • Clean the fuselage and wings, this will improve performance.
  • Inspect the avionics, make sure all components are still securely attached in their proper place and all connectors are securely fastened.
  • Inspect motor and servo linkage screws. Should they have come undone, lock bond must be used on all screws when re-attaching.

After 200 flights or 12 months

To keep your vehicle in the best condition and safe to operate beyond this point scheduled maintenance should be performed. This entails the preventive replacement of many components and a thorough inspection and test flight.

Replacing components

The DeltaQuad has been designed to allow easy replacement of components. Every component on the DeltaQuad is available as a replacement part. If you require replacements parts please contact Vertical Technologies.
When replacing motors or elevon linkages, lock bond must be used on all screws and nuts. When replacing propellers for the VTOL modules no lock bond is required as these are self-tightening. When replacing the pusher motor propeller lock bond is required on the propeller adapter nut as this motor can spin in both directions.
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