Flight logs
The DeltaQuad records on-board logs that contain vast amounts of information regarding the flights. These on-board logs are stored on the SD-Card and should be retrieved and processed after one or more flights.
Every DeltaQuad should have a well maintained logbook that keeps a record of every flight. In most cases when having your vehicle certified this is a requirement.

Processing the on-board flight logs

On-board flight logs can be retrieved from the SD-Card in the flight controller. Remove the SD-Card and download the log files from the Log folder on the card. The logs will be stored in a subfolder that is named by the date of the flights. Logs can be uploaded to DeltaQuad Flight Review for an easy overview. Logs should also be stored locally as the DeltaQuad Flight Review server does not store logs indefinitely.
Logs can also be reviewed using the Flightplot application. This does require in-depth knowledge of the log format.
After retrieving the on-board flight logs remember to re-insert the SD-Card in the flight controller. As this can be easily overlooked it is recommended to store a spare SD-Card in your flight kit. Always use industrial temperature rated sd-cards.

Maintaining a log book

For professional use and fleet management Vertical Technologies recommends the use of AlarisPro. The DeltaQuad is a known vehicle in this system and all components and maintenance schedules are pre-configured.
For other, or self designed log books the following information should at least be present;
Per vehicle
  • Serial number
  • Total flight hours
  • Last maintenance cycle
  • Replaced components including replacement date
Per flight
  • Vehicle serial number
  • Date and time
  • Flight time
  • Link to the on-board log and/or flight review
  • Operator
  • Weather conditions / wind speed
  • Flight notes, failures, damage and field replacements
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