Ground Control Station overview

The DeltaQuad uses QGroundControl as its primary Ground Control Station (GCS). After installing and connecting your GCS you will see the primary interface. The GCS consists of buttons and has been optimized for use with touch screen devices.

The main menu bar

The main menu bar is located in the top of the GCS screen and consists of the following buttons:

Settings: Configure the QGroundControl application. Please refer to the QGC settings manual Setup: Configure the DeltaQuad's parameters, safety features and perform sensor calibration. Plan: Plan, verify and upload a mission to the vehicle Fly: Monitor your vehicle while flying, including streaming video. Log: Download logs, geotag images from a survey mission, access the mavlink console.

Status icons

Notifications: Click to show a dropdown of messages from the vehicle and DSPS. This will change to a Yield sign if there are critical messages. GPS Status: Display current GPS satellite link information RC Status: RC signal strength information, only applicable when using a traditional transmitter Battery status: Displays remaining percentage and additional information when clicked Flight mode: Displays the current flight mode, when clicked it offers control over the flight mode. Arm status: Displays and controls current armed status.

Note: The DeltaQuad is designed to operate in the following flight modes:

  • Mission

  • Position (only when joysticks activated)

  • Hold

  • Return

Other flight modes are not supported and should not be activated.